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We offer a variety of different manual handling solutions to handling and lifting problems.  Below, we have listed some of our more common products, and the problems they can help you solve.  As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01926 857626 or, if you have any questions.

Hand Pallet Trucks
Hand pallet trucks are an excellent and cost effective way of moving pallets of loads around when lifting is not required. The main benefits of hand pallet trucks are their compact size, meaning they are easy to store, and their low cost. Down sides are that they can require considerable effort to both start, and stop moving.
Consider a hand pallet truck if you need to move pallets around your work application, without the requirement for vertical lifting.

Rough Terrain Hand Pallet Trucks
Rough terrain pallet trucks are exceptionally good for working in areas that regular forklift trucks, or hand pallet trucks are unable to go. Their over-sized tyres mean that they will cope with undulating ground. They can be invaluable on building or construction sites, where they can save considerable manual labour. The main thing to consider with a rough terrain pallet truck is the distance you may need to move the truck. It can be quite tiring to pull a truck over long distances of uneven ground.
If you require a powered machine to work on rough terrain, consider a machine such as this: click here.

Scissor Lift Tables
Scissor lift tables are excellent for a variety of purposes such as mobile working stations, extending working areas, loading vans and other vehicles. They come in a variety of different styles, with differing lift heights and capacities. They do typically require a relatively smooth underfloor surface, to ensure smooth travel.

Sack Trucks

Sack Trucks are an ideal solution for handling smaller loads by one operator across shorter distances and can be used in a variety of applications, including delivery drivers, warehouse, farm environents and domestic uses which just scratches the surface of possabilities which are infinite. They come in many different styles according to their use and come with pneumatic tyres in the main which are ideal for most terrains, but we can offer solid wheel options on some of our Sack Trucks should you have a requirement. If you need to keep your load flat and level then we would not recommend this type of truck. 


Trolleys are excellent for carrying a variety of loads as they come in many different sizes and appearances and are ideal for carrying loads flat on a deck which is normally made of wood or steel with a non slip coating and can be supplied with or without sides and can be offered with Pneumatic or Solid Wheels depending on the customers requirement. The uses for these Trolleys are boundless and can be used in a vast array of applications including warehouse, distribution , construction industry, delivery drivers, shows, events  to name but a few oppertunities.


Stackers are available in Manual, Semi-Electric and Full electric options and can be supplied with narrow wrapover or wide straddle fork options based on pallet types being lifted, with various lift heights dependent on the customers requirement. 
These stackers are ideal for loading and unloading pallets off vehicles and moving loads around your business and are often a first choice if a conventional forklift is not an option due to size of premises or frequency of use.

High Lift Pallet Trucks

High Lift Pallet Trucks are ideal for handling European Style pallets only due their scissor lifting action which restricts their use on standard bottom boarded pallets, but can also be used for lifting boxes and product when laid across the forks and are excellent work stations should you wish to work on equipment at a specific height. These High Lift Pallet Trucks are not suitable for loading vehicles due their scissor action and become static at 400mm lift height.

Pallet Truck Weigh Scales 

Pallet Truck Weigh Scales are a brilliant mobile solution for weighing product in a variety of evironments including manufacturing / engineering where material needs to be weighed or would also work well in distribution areas should you despatch goods via a carrier for example. These weigh scales would not be ideal to use as a day to day pallet truck in the conventional sense as their senstive instrumentation would be vunerable to do damage if you were to use it for unloading and loading etc.

Forklift Truck Forks

Are fork range is comprehensive and we can accomodate most fork truck carriages including standard Castellated and Bar Type and can often supply non standard options.  Be advised we only supply new forks and only supply them in pairs as recommend any new pair of forks start their service or new life on truck together which would ensure uniformed wearing on fork heels through out their lifespan.

Forklift Brooms and Sweepers 

These Brooms are ideal for sweeping and gathering general debris in the work place and would work well in warehouse environments, builders yard's and in any other areas where house keeping is required.  Bear in mind these Brooms will only sweep debris / rubbish in to an area to be manually be picked up or collected at a later stage as these Sweepers will not collect at same time as you are sweeping.  

Access Platforms (Man Up Cages) 

Access Platforms are simple, yet a brilliant solution for lifting operators on your Forklift Truck to height to inspect roof area's, change flourescent tubes, inspect stock or carry out general non-routine maintenance and stock checks for example, and can be supplied in various configurations to meet the specific users needs. We would not recommend these Access Platforms for regular order picking scenarios or any long term working at height access requirements as Mobile Order Pickers, Cherry Pickers or Man Up Scissor Tables would be better suited for these applications based on the particular height you need to achieve and task being carried out.  Click here for guidance on legislation regarding working at height.

Fork Extensions 

Fork Extensions are a fantastic solution if your existing Forks are not long enough to pick up a particular load or if you need extra reach when unloading pallets off a vehicle for example and saves the need to changeover forks which is time consuming.  Available in various lengths, so you wont be caught out should a larger load materialise which you were not expecting and saves you buying larger forks to cover this eventuallity. Be advised Fork Extensions will require some basic fitting to forks but the process is quick and simple. 

Forklift Skips 

Forklift Skips are great for a variety of working applications and are excellent for engineering environments when waste needs to be collected from a production line and disposed off in a larger disposal unit outside for example.  Please note these Skips are not suitable for carrying liquid however we can offer them Oil Tight Tested with an Oil Drain Tap as optional extra's if required.  

Forklift Attachments 

Forklift Attachments are ideal if you have a specific job you need to do with your forklift like handling Oil Drums, Carpets, Packs of Bricks or Blocks for example.  Keep in mind these attachments will need to be manually put on your forklift forks as required.